The Atlas of Rwandan Life Stories (or Atlas of Rwandan Exiles) is a collection of mapped oral histories by Rwandan exiles living in Canada. The project situates itself at the crossroads of two other major research projects: The Montreal Life Stories Project (2008-2012), an oral history project led by Steven High, during which hundreds of life stories of exiles and refugees living in Montreal were collected and archived at Concordia University by the Center for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS); and The Mapping Life Stories Project, a research project led by Sébastien Caquard dedicated to exploring the multiple methodological, technological, ethical and cartographic aspects of mapping stories, with a particular focus on life stories.

The stories presented in this atlas were provided by the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling (COHDS) at Concordia University under the direction of Steven High. We would like to warmly thank the Association of the Families and Friends of the Victims of the Genocide of the Rwandan Tutsis (Page Rwanda) which represents the survivors of the 1994 genocide living in Montreal, as well as the Rwandan storytellers who accepted to share their life stories and to make them public. We encourage you to visit the atlas here.

Screenshot of the Rwanda Atlas